I don't even know why I'm writing this... Anyway, obviously I'm a complete stranger on here (because I've only been reading for the last couple of years and not posting things on lj), and I felt like this was a cool place to post stuff *cough cough* K-pop fanfictions, mostly SHINee *cough cough*. Yes, I do write stuff other than horrible fanfics of onho... but those are mostly useless drabbles from prompts that mean absolutely nothing that no-one probably wants to read but who cares. Maybe there's someone out there who likes to read lifeless stream-of-conscious ramblings.

Anyhow, just... hi everyone?

Pocky Game (Minho/Onew)

Okay.... Hi everyone, I have no idea if anyone still really reads or writes SHINee fanfics, but I know I do (sorry for all the silent stalking of great fanfic authors around lj recently) and I have written both short/long stories and fanfictions before, but never posted to LiveJournal. I've been reading stuff on here for a while, though.... And this is a fun website for making blogs. *grins*

And yes, I know I'm a terrible writer, but I love writing and you don't have to read it. It's just there for the rare occasion that someone may want read my terrible stories, fanfictions or whatever, for whatever reason I cannot fathom.

And I swear that this just tapered off... I'm sorry..... If it disappoints you please tell me lol

Obviously un-beta ed, since no one here knows me :)

Minho x Onew
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: if I owned these boys then... *stops train of thought*
Word count: 1368w (though I don't think anyone really cares about this journal anyway)

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